Monday, 2 August 2010

Welcome to Stationery Blogger

Hi and welcome to my new blog.

I've been a closet stationery fan for a long time, feeding my solitary obsession by spending hours lurking in the hallowed halls of Paperchase and fondling the pages of notebooks in sensory appreciation of paper quality. Having recently been outed by a friend, I was astonished to find other like-minded people who felt that a love of stationery was something of which one should feel ashamed.

But no more! For this is a call to arms to all stationery obsessives. I'm starting this blog to review stationery products on the market and generally share the love. I'm always open to recommendations so please feel free to suggest products for review or even stationers you admire.

Watch this space.....


  1. Hi, great idea for a blog! I love stationery, too. :) Will have to come up with some new things in our line and then might send something for you to review!

  2. Is there any further reading you would recommend on this?

    Hugo Martin,
    Leeds Promotional products