Thursday, 19 August 2010

Rhodia stationery makes me want to be a better person.

This week I have been drooling incontinently over my new Rhodia Essential box. In essence, it's a cardboard box full of paper and a couple of pencils but what it really represents is something far more valuable. For me, it's a symbol of my attempt to impose order in a life of chaos. I know for some people stationery and its associate, storage, are means by which they maintain a structured and carefully regimented life; however, for me this is most definitely aspirational stuff and is something that l'Essentiel (it is actually French - I'm not *just* being pretentious) has in spades.

The French make some pretty fine school stationery and I love the Rhodia cahiers anyway - really good quality high grade vellum paper and writing on 5x5 quadrille has certain je ne sais quoi (OK, I'll stop now) that makes me want to get out a fountain pen and start writing my 1s with fancy flourishes.

But, ultimately,  it's the box that makes l'Essentiel so irresitible. Closed, it look like a big, fat, satisfying pad of A5 but it's a trompe l'oeil (I can't help it!) which hides a No.16, a No.8 and two No.11 pads, plus two Rhodia pencils. People, this is a box! With stationery in it! Really good stationery! And it costs less than a tenner. But, more than this, it makes you feel really, REALLY organised.


(Just one word of warning: BureauDirect wrapped this really carefully in reams of bubble wrap but one corner of the box still got bashed about a bit in transit.)


  1. It's bigger than A5. I was clearly tripping.

  2. i know what you mean... there is something about a clean sheet of paper and a neat pen or pencil that makes you want to have better thoughts...

  3. Man, can I relate to your comment that "it's a symbol of my attempt to impose order in a life of chaos." I'm a slob around the house and my desk is a mess, but my stationery and pens are neatly ordered!

  4. By the way, pretty good getting a Pen Addict link on only your fifth post! I hope you have Sitemeter or Google Analytics. Watching that spike in traffic from a Pen Addict link is a real thrill when the blog is young! You should gain some followers and RSS readers today, and you'll make it onto some blogrolls, too. (I've added you to mine.)

  5. Hi everyone- - thanks for all your kind comments. I'm new to blogging so your support is much appreciated.


  6. Nothing like having that box of inspiration!
    I do kinda the same thing, I have a box of pens, and other artistic supplies that I sometimes just look at because it gives me a sense of creativity.

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