Wednesday, 4 August 2010

These products will change your life.

I love receiving stationery in the post and today has been no exception. Gliding through my letterbox today were these effortlessly stylish notebooks by Pantone - the tomato-red 186C and pea-green 363C:

For the uninitiated, according to its UK website, Pantone, Inc. 'is the world-renowned authority on colour and provider of colour systems' and they have translated this passion for bold and vibrant colour into some pretty gorgeous stationery. I first came across Pantone's notebooks in a WH Smith store at Birmingham New Street station but it seems that they no longer stock the range of wire-ringed notebook and memo pads you can see below: 

Browsing online for UK stockists, I was disappointed to see how few places sell Pantone stationery in any form. John Lewis, though,  has pulled it out of the bag. These hardbacked lovelies are reminiscent of the Moleskine notebooks that I'm sure you're already familiar with and, like Moleskines, have a memo pocket at the back, attached to the inner sleeve.
The problem with stationery is that it's sometimes too gorgeous to even consider sullying with a pen. There's something curiously satisfying about these books; they feel sturdy and resolutely functional but at the same time sleek and sexy.
That the stationery range is on sale at The Terence Conran and Museum of Modern Art shops gives the biggest clue of all as to the design credentials. The creative brains behind the range are Whitbread Wilkinson. I've just been on their website ( and I think I need a lie down. See for yourselves - I might need a new post just for the luggage tags...


  1. I've seen Pantone stationery at a few retailers in Canada (where I live), which is great!

  2. What an immense read, post more often please!

    Hugo Martin,
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